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Learning in Year 3

During the Summer term the main topic is Greeks where the children learn lots of interesting History. This includes finding out about Greeks, myths, making masks and Green menus. The children also get the chance to try Greek food and wear Grek clothes during their Greek day. During English the children explore fairytales. First of all the children create a fairytale in a box with the help of their parents. Then during English lessons they research all the ingredients of fairytales, before writing their own.

In the summer the whole school had a healthy eating week. During the week the children did lots of activities based around being healthy, or healthy food. This included: Lots of sport, weighing fruit, and planning and making their own fruit salad, smoothies or kebabs. During the end of spring and beginning of the summer term the children study fish. To finish off the end of the unit each child create's their own Batik picture.

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